Tennis Bracelet with special lock
Tennis Bracelet with special lock
Tennis Bracelet with special lock
Tennis Bracelet with special lock
Tennis Bracelet with special lock

Tennis Bracelet with special lock


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Elegant Classic Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold

A Dream Accessory for Every Woman

Indulge in the dream of every woman with our Elegant Classic Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold. This unique piece showcases an impressive collection of 2.78 carats of round diamonds, meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality. With a remarkable VVS clarity, these diamonds exhibit an exquisite brilliance that captures the heart. Their pristine E color elevates their elegance, making this bracelet an embodiment of luxury.

Diamond Details:

This unique piece features a stunning array of 2.78 carats of round diamonds, each handpicked for their impeccable quality. The diamonds' exceptional VVS clarity ensures an unrivaled sparkle that captures the eye, while their pristine E color adds an aura of elegance and sophistication to this exquisite bracelet.


Crafted from 18K white gold, this bracelet weighs a substantial 18.80 grams, offering a perfect balance of opulence and comfort. The cool and lustrous shine of white gold beautifully complements the diamonds, creating a captivating piece that adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble.

The Elegant Classic Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold is a dream accessory for every woman. Its timeless design and the exceptional quality of the diamonds make it an essential piece that exudes elegance and luxury. Embrace the dream with this exquisite bracelet.

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