The historical heart of the city

The place to be in Antwerp, for visitors as well as citizens, is the historical heart of the city. The countless monuments are packed closely together. There are few cities with so many streets exclusively for pedestrians. Visiting this part of town will turn your stay in Antwerp into a fascinating experience

Antwerp is Rubens, Van Dijck, Jordaens, Bruegel and Plantin, but also a millennium of architecture and five centuries of music and decorative crafts. The Flemish metropolis sparkles in all its multiple facets just like its famous diamonds! It is a theatre, opera and film city. There is a world famous zoo right in the center, and an outing on the Scheldt and a tour of the world-famous harbor are fascinating experiences. Antwerp can cater to the most demanding of gourmets and affords unlimited opportunities for entertainment and recreation . Antwerp is a melting pot of cultures, a hospitable safe haven.
Come and discover with us the different facets of Antwerp!

Shopping in Antwerp
Antwerp would not be Antwerp without de ”Meir”. This shopping mall takes you from the Central Station to the Market square. The 18th and 19th century buildings are amazing. And let’s not forget the Rubenshouse , which is nearby! Somewhat aside from the Meir, you will find an old part of town, which used to show, and still shows, exclusivity. Delicious restaurants, exclusive shopping and a lot of antique shops are characteristic for this area.

Port of Antwerp
Between the city and the harbor, surrounded by the water of the docklands and the Scheldt, you will find the ”Eilandje ”(little Island). And exactly this is what makes up the charm of this part of town. After a period of decline this area is on its way to become the most dynamic part of town.
Antwerp owes its existence and prosperity to the water . A tour on the Scheldt and around the immense port is a fascinating experience. It is in particular to the port, which is the second largest in Europe, that the city owes its prosperity and cosmopolitan feel, its colourful and festive atmosphere. The port, located north of the city in an area of some 15,000 hectares, is multi-functional. It has the enviable reputation of being one of the fastest ports in the world and is also one of the main container ports – traffic is hectic.

Antwerp world of fashion
Nearby the tourist center you will find the ”Sint-Andrieskwartier”. One century ago this beautiful part of town was a place of poverty and misery. Nowadays however all of the buildings dating back to the 16th century have been renovated and living here is quiet and peaceful. Also many of the Antwerp Antique boutiques are situated here. And what’s more, many famous Antwerp fashion designers have found their home here.

historical big market

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The Meir 2

het eilandje

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