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The ZIZOV Nail Care Routine

The ZIZOV nail care routine

It’s no secret that nail care is a huge part of a jeweler’s life. At Zizov Diamonds, we’re no different. Having chosen to mainly promote our jewelry on Instagram, it was very important to Nina (Owner of Zizov Diamonds) to have the most flawless looking nails in order to allow the rings showcased to pop out!

I’ll be guiding you through the weekly steps we follow into taking care of our perfect instagram worthy nails!

1. The perfect manicure

The name gives it out, Zizov – A Russian name. Zizov carries Russian roots with it. How is that to any relevance to our nail care? The answer: Russian Manicures! You can say or think whatever you want about the Russians, but one thing is a fact set in stone, they know nails!

Zizov Nails

2. Cuticles are the enemy

Every week we make sure our manicurist removes every trace of cuticle possible on the nail plate. A perfect picture worthy nail is one without cuticles. So next time you’re sitting on that manicure chair, don’t be scared to let your manicurist cut those cuticles.

Note: if you are not planning on getting your nails done every week, I would not recommend getting your cuticles cut. This will only result in cracked cuticles and we all know how annoying those can be. Instead, in order to still maintain the ‘cuticle free’ look, ask your manicurist to use the nail polisher machine in order to remove the cuticles. If she’s very skilled, she can even use a filer to do so.

Zizov Nails

3. The right shape

It’s very important to understand that to each finger, there’s is a nail shape that fits it best.

I know it’s tempting to try and go with the latest trend and we have nothing against exploring and testing. However, our ultimate go to shape will forever be squoval. It has the best of both worlds. You get the straight edge of the nail and rounded corners, giving the most universally flattering look to your nails.

4. Color application

The crucial part of your manicure: applying the color.

When choosing a color (whether it’s a shellack or nail polish) there are two different factors that play a role:

  1. opacity
  2. skin tone

It’s very important to be aware that not all colors are 100% opaque. You can have light colors that will be completely non-transparent and look absolutely stunning on the nail, whereas you can still have colors (both dark and light) that will have a transparent tone to it and have your own nail come out of it. We at Zizov Diamonds try to refrain ourselves from choosing such colors due to it not looking as nice on pictures.

Skin Tone

Skin Tone vs Nail Color is a very big awareness alert! The same color will look totally different on 10 different people. Example: Nina and I (Carolyn – PR, Online Sales & Marketing Manager) can not wear the same color and both look good wearing it. One will look better than the other, always. So take your skin tone into consideration and know your hands may not look like that pinterest or instagram picture you showed your manicurist. Instead, ask for your manicurist expertise to what same color genre will suit your skin tone.

5. Shellack Brands we LOVE

Safety first with nails is important, so we always opt for shellack and never nail polish.

Our go to brands?

  1. CND
  2. OPI
  3. Kinetics

I personally always always always use CND just because I feel that for my nails, they work best. They never chip, never peel and the best part – CND shellack has the safest way of removing it. All you have to do is soak them in acetone and scrape it off.

Nina on the other hand can wear any brand and it will look equally good on her nails.

Our favorite colors


  • Winter Glow
  • Naked Naivete
  • Rouge Rite
  • Crimson Sash
  • Berry Boudoir
  • Field Fox


  • Funny Bunny
  • We The Female


  • 004
Nail - Zizov
Nail - Zizov

6. The post manicure routine

How do we keep our manicure looking ever lasting fresh?

  1. Cuticle Oil
  2. Hand Cream

Using cuticle oil is crucial to keeping your proximal nail fold not looking dull. You can have the best manicure done but if you don’t maintain your cuticles it will be pointless. A dull look has never worked on anyone, trust me on this one.

Hand cream – I can not emphasize enough how important it is to moisturize your hands. Moisturizing your hands have more than the benefit of a healthy looking hand, it will prevent wrinkly hands in the long run. More years of young looking hands? I say YES!

9 thoughts on “The ZIZOV Nail Care Routine

  1. Ornella says:

    Lovely Blog!
    Zizov Diamonds is doing a great job with everything keep it up!
    Lots of Love.

  2. Maira says:

    Went a few days ago to the store! Wanted to thank Nina for her kindness and help, her nails do look very stunning! As her skin , could you kindly share your skincare routine with us? I think it would benefit everyone.

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